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Qubool Hai: 6th June; Tanveer Gives Medicine To Make Badi Begum Ill And Locked For Longer! (Pics)

Qubool Hai 6th June written episode: Tanveer explains that she has locked up Badi Begum as per the doctor's advice, as she often becomes violent. It is for the safety of the children, she argues. Sanam proposes that she can look after her, as old people need special care beside medical aids. Rehan supports her and suggests that she should be given a chance. Aahil agrees as Tanveer gives the permission to Sanam.

Tanveer is troubled by the interference of Sanam. Azhar's father says that he has tried to guess why Badi Begum has been kept in illness for the last twelve years! Tanveer warns him not to discuss this matter again. Only she says that she is doing it for the benefit of her son. She is confident that Sanam's care would never be able to cure the old lady and she will be able to play some trick on Sanam.

Tanveer talks with Aahil about his girlfriends. He declares that presently he has no intention of marrying. Tanveer tells him that it is her duty to think of his marriage; otherwise people will criticize her as a stepmother. She notices the change in Aahil's behaviour, when he sees Sanam. She explains to Aahil that she is trying to understand the character of the girl.

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Sanam tells Tanveer that Dilshad has left a medicine in the house and it is an essential one. She asks for permission so that she can go to Munisa's house and give the medicine to Dilshad.

Tanveer stops her with the excuse that she has to look after Badi Begum. She suggests that she herself would go and give the medicine to her Badi Ammi. There must be some other intention except giving medicine.

Tanveer asks Azhar's mom whether she has followed her instruction. The woman says that she has given Sanam the medicines, which will cause illness to the old woman, instead of curing her!

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