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Qubool Hai: 8th July; Ahil Rescues Sanam, Expresses His Feelings For Her (Photos)

Qubool Hai 8th July written episode: Dilshad scolds Haya for going out alone. Haya tells her that she told Munisa to call her. Munisa quickly defends herself. Rahat scolds Munisa for being irresponsible.

Nida comes to Ahil and says that Sanam has gone to see her Badi Ammi. Ahil finds it strange, that Sanam has left abruptly without informing him. Rehan tells Ahil that he is not able to contact Sanam as her phone is not reachable. They start for home, while Sanam helplessly cries inside the washing machine!

Ahil keeps thinking about Sanam. After a while he feels that she can be in the farmhouse. He takes the car back to the farmhouse. Rehan and Ahil ask the house dealer whether he has seen Sanam. He says that he has not seen her going out or catching any bus.

Ahil goes inside the farmhouse and searches for Sanam. Someone opens the water inlet of the washing machine. Sanam is gradually drenched. Ahil finds the black armband of Sanam. He understands that she is in some danger.

Ahil keeps shouting for Sanam and comes to the cloth washing room. He rescues her when she has become senseless. He nurses him. When Sanam feels a little better, Ahil scolds him for being irresponsible.

Ahil asks her how she can go inside a washing machine! Sanam says that she did not do it deliberately, but someone pushed her from the back. Ahil refuses to believe her and says that she is cooking up stories.

Sanam becomes angry. She says that Ahil is not believing her because he hates her. Ahil is hurt. He says that he does not hate her at all. He explains that whenever he sees her, he feels something which he has never felt before! He does not know what it is actually!

Qubool Hai: 8th July; Ahil Rescues Sanam, Expresses His Feelings For Her

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