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Qubool Hai: 9th June; Badi Begum Falls Ill From Medicines, Tanveer's Secret Almost Revealed! (Pics)

Qubool Hai 9th June written episode: Dilshad falls ill and searches for the emergency medicine. She tells Haya to find it out quickly. Tanveer comes to Munisa's house in the context of giving the medicine and goes to Dilshad's room. Munisa tells her that she has given shelter to Dilshad and Haya, as they were in utter penury. Tanveer introduces herself to Dilshad, but Dilshad cannot hear her name as she has fallen asleep.

Munisa and Haya ask Tanveer whether they shall wake Dilshad up. She forbids them and comes back. When she is in the car, Azhar's mom calls her and informs that Badi Begum has fallen ill, after Sanam has given her the medicines.

Sanam quickly calls Asma to examine Badi Begum. She tells her to give an injection to the patient to improve her condition. Aahil sees this and bursts on Sanam. Azhar's parents and Tanveer enter the room soon.

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Aahil accuses Sanam of irresponsibility and wants to stop her service for Badi Begum. Sanam repeatedly says that she has given the medicine, that was given to her by Azhar's mom.

Asma wants to check the medicine. Azhar's mom becomes nervous as she knows that if Asma opens the bottle and checks the pills, she will find that they are not the same, as mentioned in the label!

Asma does not open the bottle and says that there is no problem with the medicine. She defends Sanam saying that it was she who encouraged her to treat the patient. Aahil leaves the room.

After Sanam and Asma leave, Tanveer scolds Azhar's parents for their stupidity, as Asma could have discovered the secret of the medicine. She warns them that the secret should never come out.

See Tanveer's reaction when Asma examines the pills, here..!

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