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Qubool Hai: Seher’s Intelligence Saves Her From Poison!

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Qubool Hai October 28 episode: Seher (Surbhi Jyoti) collides with Tanveer while walking through the corridor. She taunts Tanveer and argues with her. Razia watches her and becomes sure that Seher is extremely brave like her mother Zoya; so she will be able to fulfil the mission.

Azhar’s parents tell Tanveer that ‘Sanam’ is showing extreme level of arrogance and audacity. Gazala opines that some superpower must have captured Sanam and a Pir should be called. Tanveer rubbishes it.

Qubool Hai: Seher’s Intelligence Saves Her From Poison!

Razzaq says that he knows a man who sells exceptional snake venoms. If given to a human being, the venom will kill the person within forty minutes, without any outward symptom of poisoning. No one will be able to guess the cause of death.

Tanveer is cheered up with the idea. She thinks once the poison is given to ‘Sanam’, she will be able to take her sign in the papers and the property will be transferred in her name.

Ahil (Karanvir Bohra) comes to Seher and asks why she is avoiding him. He insists on having an open discussion if there is any problem. Seher helplessly searches for a way of escape. She is saved as Rehan calls them for dinner.

At the dinner table Razzaq and Gazala present a tray of faluda. They give a glass of rose flavoured faluda to Seher. Their excessive excitement and gestures at each other raise doubt in Seher’s mind. She changes her glass with Razzaq. He becomes pale in fear. Seher forces the drink into his mouth. Razzaq falls sick shortly!

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