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Qubool Hai: Clue In Tanveer’s Hand, Seher To Be Exposed?

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Qubool Hai October 30 episode: Razia tells a man to keep watch on Sanam so that she cannot escape before the mission is successful. Sanam is worried knowing that Razia is trying to take revenge upon someone. Haya comes to meet Sanam at Ahil’s house. Razia becomes tensed as Seher does not know Haya.

Haya comes to Seher and asks whether she is upset with her. Seher is confused seeing that the girl is talking through gestures. Razia follows Haya and comes to the room. She writes a message that ‘This is your sister’ and shows the paper to Seher. She writes on another paper that Haya is deaf and dumb. Seher understands the matter. But she starts overacting from nervousness.

Qubool Hai: Clue In Tanveer’s Hand, Seher To Be Exposed?

Haya gives a letter to Seher where she has explained the turmoil in her life, her marriage with Faiz as a result of misunderstanding and the consequent divorce. She talks of marrying Rahat and asks whether ‘Sanam’ has any problem. Seher becomes puzzled again. Razia interrupts them and saves Seher.

Seher takes the pieces of paper from Razia’s hand and dumps them for safety. Azhar’s parents watch this and become curious. They take the waste bean to Tanveer’s room and report the matter. They browse the waste bean for some information and find the pieces of paper.

Gazala reads out the messages to Tanveer. Tanveer understands that someone is trying to tell Sanam that Haya is her sister and she is deaf and dumb; but Sanam knows it very well! Tanveer sniffs some mystery. She orders Azhar’s parents to remain alert.

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