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Qubool Hai: 10th March; Humeira Jealous Of Zoya, Insecure About Haider!

Qubool Hai 10th March written episode: In time of marriage, the Maulavi asks about Haider’s family. Zoya comes forward and introduces herself as Haider’s sister. Dadi gives Humeira her wedding gift. Humeira denies Zoya’s gift. Zoya tells her that she has always taken her as a younger sister. She hopes that Humeira would understand her love in future.

Zoya gifts a cricket bat to Haider. It reminds Haider of his love for cricket in childhood. Asad makes fun of Zoya’s gift; but Haider becomes emotional about it. Asad says that Haider and Zoya look like brother and sister, separated in their childhood. Haider regrets in his mind that he cannot tell the truth to Zoya, that he is her brother actually.

Razia insists Siddiqui that they should accept the marriage of their daughter. She thinks that Haider is not bad as a groom, and Humeira will stay right in front of their eyes, throughout her life. She adds that she will make a servant out of Haider, as she has done with Rashid. Razia leaves the room with gifts in her hand. Siddiqui utters that Haider will play a dirtier game with Razia.

Sameera becomes dubious with the matter of Khushbu’s allergy in perfume. She tells Farhan that the matter cannot be taken lightly. She wants to come back from the party. Farhan tells her not to worry and enjoy the party, he says that he has some plan to discover the truth. Khushbu becomes worried whether Farhan has doubted her for the perfume incident. Farhan invites Khushbu to have a candlelight dinner with him. She accepts it.

Qubool Hai

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