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Qubool Hai: 11th March; Zoya Kidnaps And Threatens Tanveer!

Qubool Hai 11th March written episode: Tanvir presents a diamond set to Humeira; she also announces a party for Haider and Humeira. Zoya fools Tanvir and locks her inside the outhouse. She ties her hands, legs and mouth. She says that Tanvir wanted her to become mad in the search of her father. So, now she has become mad and wants to kill Tanvir, unless she utters the name of her father. She sets a death trap for Tanvir and pressures her for revealing the truth.

Farhan arranges a lavish dinner for Khushbu. He serves soup on her plate and insists that she should take some chili sauce. He takes the bottle of sauce and pretends that the cap has become too hard for opening. He manages to spill some sauce on Khushbu’s face, so that she becomes obliged to wash it with water.

Khushbu understands within a second that once she applies water on her face, her make up will be removed and she will be exposed. Farhan takes her to the wash room for washing her face; she cannot avoid it. She somehow manages to send Farhan outside and locks the door.

Khushbu applies water on her face as there is irritation caused by the sauce. She finds the face of Nikhat in mirror. She becomes absolutely puzzled as there is no make up item inside the wash room. Farhan follows the sounds inside the wash room and repeatedly asks Khushbu whether she is alright. He thinks that his plan has worked.

The door opens suddenly and Farhan sees the face of Nikhat, cleverly covered with a cooling pack!

Qubool Hai

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