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Qubool Hai: 19th March; Tanveer Becomes Zoya, Romances Asad!

Qubool Hai 18th March written episode: Zoya sees the photo and thinks that the child is Humeira. She gives the photo back to Razia and says that Humeira is looking cute in her childhood photo. Tanveer takes a chance of Zoya’s absence in her room. She enters the dark room, being dressed like Zoya. In darkness Asad thinks that it is Zoya; he hugs her tightly. Zoya comes back and puts the light on. Both Zoya and Asad shout at Tanveer. Zoya drags her out of the room. Tanveer tells her that she should have doubt over her husband, who fails to recognize her.

Dadi sees all the rooms in the house and does not find a perfect room for herself. She heads towards Nikhat’s room. Farhan and Haseena fail to prevent her. Seeing Nikhat, she says that she knows ‘Khushbu’ very well, as Khushbu is a big model and she exactly looks like Nikhat. Nikhat suggests that Dadi should see Haseena’s room and she may like it. Dadi does the same and announces that she will stay in Haseena’s room. She tells Farhan to call the ‘maid-servant’, to execute her orders.

Humeira becomes upset while she thinks about her married life. She cannot understand why Haider is being distant from her. She comes close to Haider, who pretends being in deep slumber. She hears that Haider is uttering some other girl’s name in his sleep. Haider does it intentionally to make her suffer.

Zoya sees her wedding photos at night. Suddenly she finds a photo in which she sees Mr Siddiqui. She becomes surprised. She goes to Siddiqui’s room and asks him about it. When Siddiqui denies going to the party, she shows him the photograph.

Qubool Hai

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