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Qubool Hai: 3rd March; Zoya Attacked By Razia And Is Haider's Younger Sister!

Qubool Hai 3rd March written episode: Razia thinks that Siddiqui is giving the messages to Zoya, to let her know the truth. She follows Zoya with a knife in her hand. Coming to the storeroom as per the instruction of the last message, Zoya shouts on the unknown messenger. She says that the person should stop playing with her emotions.

Razia sees that Zoya has got another envelope and has found a photograph inside it. The photograph is folded. Zoya starts unfolding it and Razia thinks that she should kill Zoya before she sees the face of the person in the photograph. Razia targets Zoya from her back, but she sees that the face of the person has been covered with ink. Now Razia becomes puzzled and hides herself. She cannot understand if Siddiqui wants to reveal his identity, then why he has marred the face in the photograph. Tanvir tells Razia that she has done it, to stop Zoya from knowing her father’s identity.

Zoya bursts into tears as she has been cheated. Asad tries to cool her down and make her control her emotions. Zoya tells him that she will know the facts at any cost. She says that it will solve her identity crisis, which is making her suffer since a long time.

When Siddiqui is travelling by car, a Muslim saint knocks him for alms. He requests the saint to pray for his daughter. He tells him everything about his daughter Zoya. The driver of the next car becomes impatient when Siddiqui ignores his horn. He comes to Siddqiui’s car and hears everything. The person is none other than Haider.

Haider becomes much excited to know that Zoya is actually his sister Chutki, whom he lost long time ago and thought that she was dead. He thinks that he should give the news to Zoya, at the quickest possible.

Qubool Hai

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