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Qubool Hai: 4th March; Tanveer Tries To Kill Herself, Razia Supports!

Qubool Hai 4th March written episode: Razia tells Tanvir that she must have hidden Siddiqui’s face in the photograph, for some interest of her own. Tanvir admits that she has enmity with Zoya and she will never let Zoya know her father’s name. She tells Razia that she has become Razia’s friend, as she has enmity with her enemy.

Haider thinks that if he tells Zoya that Mr siddiqui is her father, then she will also come to know that it is Mr Siddiqui who has killed her mother. Zoya’s happiness will be totally destroyed after knowing this truth. So, Haider decides to keep mum about it.

Humeira pressures Haider to propose their marriage to her father. She doubts that Haider is not serious about it. She tells Haider that if he does not talk to her father before 8 PM in the evening, she will think that their relationship is over. Haider promises to meet her father in the evening and talk about their marriage.

In the breakfast table Khushbu advises that no one should eat butter as it contains a lot of calories. Sameera becomes irritated with this advice and leaves the table. Farhan keeps encouraging Khushbu. Khushbu touches Farhan’s legs with her own, under the table!

Zoya becomes determined to discover the truth as soon as possible. She calls Tanvir in the presence of Asad and Dilshad, and forces her to tell the truth. Tanvir repeatedly denies knowing her father. She admits that she told Zoya about her father, but she did it to harass and misguide Zoya. Now she has no intention to harass anyone. Zoya is not ready to believe her. Tanvir says that she can even die to prove that she is telling the truth now. Zoya thinks that she is creating a scene and says that she should die. Razia notices the whole scene secretly.

Tanvir truly cuts her wrist with a knife, in front of everyone !

Qubool Hai

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