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Qubool Hai: 6th March; Zoya Trapped, Tanveer Set To Give Shock!

Qubool Hai 6th March written episode: Zoya asks Asad whether Tanvir can ever ruin their relationship. Asad says that it is absolutely impossible. Asad tells Zoya to stop worrying about Tanvir or anyone else. Razia asks Siddiqui why he does not look after Tanvir after her accident. Siddiqui tells her that he wants neither Tanvir nor Razia in his life. He specially hates Razia, whose mistake has set his whole life in trouble. Tanvir notices that Razia is having argument with Siddiqui.

Sameera confronts Farhan for being close to Khushbu. Farhan ignores her saying that she is being crazy and giving too much importance to little things. Tanvir comes to Zoya’s room and sets a death trap for her. She fills the floor with water and loosens the electricity wires on the wall, so that they gradually fall on the ground.

Zoya sees Tanvir coming out of her room and warns her not to do that again. Entering the room, Zoya finds the mess and goes on the bed when the wires fall on ground. She shouts on the top of her voice; Asad, Nazma and Nuzrat rush to the room and find electric sparks on the floor. Zoya shouts and prevent everyone from stepping on the death trap.

Tanvir dreams to be the queen of the house; she vows to ruin the lives of Siddiqui, Razia and Zoya. She is determined to create a huge misunderstanding between Siddiqui and Razia. She dreams that she will come close to Asad someday.

Qubool Hai

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