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Qubool Hai: AsYa Marriage In Trouble As Tanveer Enters, Yet Again!

Qubool Hai is back to the old formula about Asad and Zoya getting-married-now, but not-getting-married-now act. Yet again, it was announced that Asad and Zoya are going to get married soon. And again, there are obstacles preventing them from getting married. This time the obstacle, yet again, happens to be Tanveer!

The show which has been running on the single most topic for a very long time which happens to be the union of Asad and Zoya, has come to the same junction. Asad announces his marriage with Zoya and the family are in the midst of all the celebrations when they discover that the bride Zoya is missing.

Though it is unclear as to who is the one who kidnapped Zoya, because both Razia and Tanveer want to harm her. Razia more than Tanveer, because she is now in a desperate situation as Siddiqui has discovered that Zoya is his long lost daughter.

Also, it is quite possible Tanveer can beat Razia to it and manage to kidnap Zoya before Razia could get her hands on her.

Having said all this, now comes the inevitable question, will Asad and Zoya ever get married? They have tried to get married numerous times and failed every time. Does this mean, the show is forever going to be about them trying to get married? Or will they ever be Mr and Mrs Khan?

Qubool Hai

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