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Rangrasiya: 13th May; Laila Inadvertently Brings Rudra Closer To Paro!

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Rangrasiya 13th May written episode: Doctor comes to see Paro. He says that Paro's eyes are damaged by red chili powder and she will recover within two days. Mohini warns Laila not to do such things again without informing her.

Paro wants to cook for Rudra and Maithili opposes. Laila says that Paro wants to prepare Rudra's favourite dishes and so she should be allowed. Maithili becomes surprised to see that Laila is aware of Rudra's favourite dish.

Rangrasiya: 13th May; Laila Inadvertently Brings Rudra Closer To Paro!

A person comes to the BSD office and tells Rudra that Tejawat's men have forcefully taken away his camel. Rudra thinks that they must be living in the area and Laila was true. He orders Aman to take rapid action.

Uncle catches Mohini talking secretly with Sumer. She admits that she meets her son. He warns her that he will never be taken back to the house. Mohini feels bad. Laila watches everything and thinks that she has found a weak point of Mohini, which she can use.

Maithili tells Paro that she does not like Laila's attitudes and her possessiveness over Rudra. Paro says that she is not worried as she has trust on Rudra. She describes how her relation with Rudra has changed gradually and he has stopped hating her. But soon she remembers her promise to Lord Shiva.

Rudra comes back and bursts seeing Paro's eyes. He shouts at Maithili for being irresponsible. Maithili apologizes and cries. Mohini protects her daughter-in-law saying that everyone was involved in the game. Rudra takes Paro to the bedroom and keeps saying that he would not be able to bear if anything bad happens to her. She is upset as he has rebuked Maithili. Mohini calls Laila and makes her understand that her plan has taken Rudra more close to his wife.

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