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Rangrasiya: 23rd April; Rudra Confesses Paro’s Pains Makes Him Suffer

Rangrasiya 23rd April written episode: Devyani comes to Mohini and blackmails for money. Mohini gives the amount she demands. Maithili sees the whole thing and remembers that she has seen the woman earlier. She follows Devyani. When Devyani sees her, she threatens her with a knife. She informs Mohini that her daughter-in-law was following her.

Mrs Singh becomes impressed by the dance of Rudra and Parvati. Parvati gives her gift to Mrs Singh, who becomes excited to see the imli inside the handmade bag. When she goes to show the gift to Mr Singh, ladies start laughing at Paro, calling her a village girl.

Paro defends herself saying that she is a village girl, but she is not poor. She explains that her village is a place of exciting talents which are priceless, not to be purchased by money. She claims that the tatoo or embroidery artists can show much better pieces of art, than the costly boutiques or salons of the city. Paro claims herself to be a rich person, as she has a rich heart.

Mrs Singh insists on being further naughty. She mixes hard drink with fruit juice and gives it to Paro. She tells Mr Singh to give a double loaded drink to Rudra. Both of them become intoxicated.

Geetanjali asks them about their first meeting. Rudra and Paro start funny argument over the fact. Mr and Mrs Singh enjoy this. Paro talks about the bus and Rudra wants to stop her. In Rudra’s absence, Paro requests Mr singh to take Rudra back in his job, as his job is his first love. Mr Singh promises to do so.

Rudra and Parvati stagger while going back to their room. Paro insists on seeing the surroundings. Rudra accompanies her. Paro’s sandal disturbs and they sit on the stairs. She tells him that she was hurt in the manner he took her to Jaipur. He requests her not to take everything seriously. He confesses that her pain makes him suffer too.


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