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Rangrasiya: Shantanu Comes Back For Revenge! (30th july)

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Rangrasiya 30th July written episode: The Ranawat house becomes busy with the celebration of Parvati’s pregnancy. Mohini tells Sumer that his wife should give birth to a boy, otherwise Rudra’s child will capture the property in future.

Sumer changes his attitude towards Shatabdi and it surprises her. He mentions the matter of child to her. She says that she likes him except his obedience towards his mother. They become close to each other soon and Shatabdi becomes pregnant.

Rangrasiya: Shantanu Comes Back For Revenge!

After nine months, Paro gives birth to a baby boy, who is named Dhruv. Rudra and Paro start a new life as parents. Shantanu fumes over Rudra’s happiness and plans to mar it.

When Rudra’s child is one month old, Shatabdi feels labour pain and is shifted to hospital. Paro tells Rudra to go to the hospital and assures that she will be fine at home with Dhruv.

Mohini prays for a grandson. The doctor says that Shatabdi has given birth to a girl. Mohini bursts on her. Sumer becomes happy with his child. Rudra gives the news to Paro.

Aman calls Rudra and informs that Shantanu has escaped from the prison. Rudra becomes worried for Paro and rushes back to home. Suddenly lights go off in the Ranawat house. Paro walks in the house with her son in her arms. Suddenly she discovers Shantanu in front of her!

Shantanu says that Rudra has made a mistake keeping him alive and now Paro will pay for it. Paro keeps running with her son. She comes to her bedroom and locks the door from inside.

Paro lays her baby on the bed and keeps her Rudraksh bracelet on his body. She turns back and sees Shantanu inside the room, pointing his gun at her!

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