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Rangrasiya: Myra Comes To Ranawat House, Meets Entire Family!

Rangrasiya 5th August written episode:Rudra sees Paro's photo in Dhruv's hand. The child asks him why his mom does not recognize him. He becomes morose. Rudra is upset seeing his condition.

Myra calls her uncle and says the security guard is too ill-behaved and he has no interest for the job. Uncle tells her not to step out of the hotel. She tells the driver to take the car back to the hotel.

Myra feels hungry in the car and takes out the pack of chocolate, that she was about to give to Dhruv. She decides to visit Rudra's house and tells the driver to take her to the Ranawat Haveli.

Koyel tells Mohini that some TV staffs will come to take her interview. Mohini eagerly waits for them. When she sees Myra from a distance, she thinks that she is a TV staff.

Myra comes closer and asks for the address of the Ranawat palace. Mohini becomes shocked seeing her face. She behaves like she has seen a spectre. She comes inside the house and tells the family members that she has seen a ghost.

Myra enters the house soon. Each member of the family becomes dumbfounded seeing her. She cannot understand the reason behind their strange expressions. She comes forward with a smiling face and tries to mix up with the family.

Koyel comes to Myra and tries to say that she exactly looks like Parvati. Maithili stops her and says that she looks like a foreign tourist. Rudra again misbehaves with her. She scolds him for his bad manners. She befriends Dhruv and gives him chocolates.

Myra becomes overwhelmed seeing the big mansion. She keeps seeing the house. She tells Dhruv that she likes him and he can meet her anytime. Rudra quickly takes Dhruv and Koyel to school.

Rangrasiya: Myra Comes To Ranawat House, Meets The Family

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