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Rangrasiya: 9th June; Rudra Unable To Forgive Mother, Tells Her Never To Return To His Life! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 9th June written episode: Rudra explains his plight after his mom left him-how his friends used to taunt him, how he used to beat them and get punished in school. He tells her that he is living life with full energy even after she has left him. He tells her never to come back in his life.

Paro requests Rudra to give a chance to his mother, to defend herself. Rudra becomes angry and says that she is taking his mother's side. Paro later comforts him and says that she is always with him.

Mohini sees worried faces of Dilsher and Bablu and becomes curious. Dilsher prevents Bablu from saying anything. Rudra comes back and tells Dilsher that he has told his mother never to come back.

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Dilsher remembers the night when Mala left the house. He found a letter where she mentioned that it was not possible for her to continue the relationship any more. She decided to leave the house and came to Rudra's room.

Mala tried to wake up Rudra who was sleeping on the bed. She wanted to take Rudra with her. Dilsher prevented her. He dragged her out of the room and banished her.

Mohini comes to Samrat's room and says that she has some important discussion with him. She tells Maithili to leave. She takes Suneheri's mobile and asks Samrat how to take snaps in the mobile.

Samrat shows Mohini how to take photos. She takes a photo of Samrat. Samrat insists on calling others and having group photos. Mohini says that she is in a hurry. She utters in her mind that she needs the photo of Samrat only! Is there any plan against Samrat?

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Rudra's Scar

Rudra says that he scar on his forehead as a result of his friends teasing him in his childhood will never make him forget her act of eloping.

Rudra's Unseen Wounds

Rudra says that he has so much pain inside him, which she can never see. He never wants to see her again.

Mala Breaks Down

Mala falls apart, thinking that she is now orphaned and has neither the love of her ex-husband, nor the Thakurain, nor her beloved son!

Paro Is Deeply Hurt

Paro cannot bear to see Mala's tears, or Rudra's hatred for her.

Paro Understands Rudra's Pain

Paro says that she knows the pain of losing a loved one.

Rudra's Argument

Rudra argues that Paro's parents died, and did not abandon her on choice.

Mohini's Wicked Plan?

Mohini asks Samrat how to click a picture, and takes a snap of him in Suneheri's phone. What does she plan to do with it?


Dilsher goes into flashback, recalling the night Mala left the two of them- the letter written by her, and how he protected Rudra and banished her!

Rudra Informs Dilsher

Rudra despises his mother, and tells Dilsher that he has asked her to never come back again. But Dilsher seems to have no bitterness and misses Mala still. Will he attempt to bring her back, causing a rift between him and Rudra?

Paro Brightens Rudra's Mood

Paro brings food for Rudra, and starts eating it herself. Rudra is tempted.

Rudra Accepts Food

Rudra accepts a few morsels of food from Paro's hands, but tells her that it does not mean he will listen to her.

Paro Always There For Rudra

Paro assures Rudra that she is always there for Rudra, but will raise his mother's topic only when he is ready for it.

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