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Saraswatichandra: 13th May; The Brothers United Against Guman

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Saraswatichandra 13th May written episode: Saras and Kumud come back with Kabir, who receives a fresh welcome in the Desai house as Saraswati's son. Everyone becomes pale when Saras asks about Danny. Kumud understands that something is being hidden. She insists on knowing the facts.

Yash's mother repeats everything, what Kalika has done against Danny at Guman's instruction. Saras says that he is least surprised at this as nothing better can be expected from a woman like Guman.

Saraswatichandra: 13th May; The Brothers United Against Guman

Vidya receives a call from the hospital and comes to know that Laxminandan has completely recovered and he can taken back home soon. When everyone is excited about the news, Saras notices that Kabir has become upset. Kabir tells him that he was brought up with the concept that both Laxminandan and Guman were responsible for his mother's death and his misery.

Kabir confesses that it was he who hit Laxmi by car and then took him to the hospital, to earn the trust of the Desai family. Now he feels ashamed. Saras tells him that their father will forgive him and become much happy to get him back.

Saras tells Kabir that it was Guman, who changed him with a dead child and wanted to kill him. Danny comes in the middle and hears this. He bursts on Saras for hiding such big facts from him.

Saras clears that he was afraid whether Danny would be able to bear such grim truths, as everything is about his mother. Danny declares that everything is over between Guman and him. Kabir says sorry to Danny for sending him to jail. Danny forgives him. Kalika follows the whole thing stealthily.

Danny and Kabir become impatient to punish Guman for her crimes. Saras assures them that they can easily do it as they are three now. They visit the hospital. Kabir apologizes to Laxminandan and becomes upset. Saras controls him.

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