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Saraswatichandra: 27th May; Kumud-Saras To Stay Apart For Longer! (Pics)

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Saraswatichandra 27th May written episode: The situation is getting worse in Kumud's school day by day. Saras visits the school and sees children playing outside. The guardians are determined not to send them to school again. He talks with them, but they are agitated against Kumud who promised to take care of the children.

Saras talks with the teachers and insists on earning the trust of the parents again. Mr Sharma's behavior seems weird to Saras, as he keeps making non-sense comments and blaming the cook. Does it have any connection with the mishap?

Kumud waits in the minister's office with the school principal as per the appointment. After two hours they are informed that the minister is suddenly going out of station for some urgent work. He can meet after two days.

The principal tells Kumud that they have no other option except waiting. Kumud feels upset as she thought of finishing her work quickly and going back. She informs Saras about the situation.

Kusum keeps talking with her friend Anushka and preparing the guest room for her. She requests Danny to receive Anushka in the bus stand, but Danny refuses with the excuse of factory visit. Yash too avoids it. Kusum requests Kabir at last.

Kabir understands that it is pre-planned to make him attached to the girl. He fails to avoid it and goes to receive Anushka with much disgust. He becomes more irritated seeing her, as she is utterly stupid and talkative. In the car she keeps blabbering and irritating Kabir.

Watch a few important moments from the episode here...

Kumud's Stay Prolonged

Kumud has to stay in Delhi for longer as the Health Minister is not available.

Kumud Disappointed

Kumud is upset as she wanted to finish the work fast and return to Ratan Nagari.

Kumud Informs Saras

Kumud updates Saras about the happenings in Delhi.

Kumud Concerned About Saras

Kumud asks about Saras' stay at Mumbai.

Saras-Kumud Chat

Kumud and Saras talk for a long while over the phone.

Saras Maintains Lie

Saras tells her about Mumbai.

Saras' Futile Attempts

Saras tries to reinstill faith about the school in the minds of the guardians.

Danny's Plan

Danny asks Kabir to pick Kusum's friend Anushka from the bus stand.

Kabir's Suspicion

Kabir doubts that the family is again trying to set him up with a girl.

Kabir Agrees

Kabir goes to pick up Anushka.

Anushka Is Irritating

Anushka continuously keeps talking and annoys Kabir.

Kabir Puts Ups

Kabir tolerates Anushka throughout the drive.

Saras' Dilemma

Will Saras be able to save the school and find out the real culprit?

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