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Saraswatichandra: 28th May; Kabir Brings Home The Wrong Anushka! (Pics)

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Saraswatichandra 28th May written episode: Saras continues his investigation in the school mishap. He checks the files and talks with the security guard. It is clear that the cook handles all the responsibilities of the kitchen and no one else has access to the kitchen ingredients. He decides to visit the cook's home.

Saras finds Shankar's wife and son in the house as he has gone to the police station for interrogation again. He asks for a glass of cold water and sends his wife out. He manages an opportunity to enter the kitchen and check it thoroughly. He finds big sacks of groceries there. He cuts a sack and sees good quality rice inside.

All evidences lead Saras to think that Shankar has changed good ingredients with bad ones. He leaves the house fast. He finds it hard to accept as Shankar's own son is a student of the school.

Kabir takes the girl dressed in yellow to the Desai house, as per Kusum's instruction. She keeps talking nonsense. Soon it is discovered that Kabir has committed a big mistake and she is not Anushka. She starts crying as she has been taken to a wrong address. Anushka appears soon with a smiling face. Danny goes to drop the girl to the proper address.

Kabir notices Anushka, the smart bubbly girl from Mumbai, dressed in jeans and white sleeveless top. She mixes with the family very soon and claims that they will love her company. Kabir thinks she has been taken to the house to plot his marriage.

Anushka says that she has visited Ratan nagari for her project about the local art. Vidya suggests that Danny and Kabir will help her. When Anushka collides with Kabir in the fear of cockroach, he takes it badly. He behaves roughly with her and warns her not to come close to him again.

Kabir's Goof Up!

Kabir has brought home the wrong Anushka! He goes to drop her to her real home.

Real Anushka Arrives!

The real Anushka arrives in style.

Kabir Aware Of Kusum's Plan

Kabir stays away from Anushka as he knows the family wants to hook the two up.

Kabir-Anushka's First Meeting

Anushka ends up in Kabir's arms while escaping from a cockroach!

Kabir Drops Anushka On Purpose!

Kabir puts her down intentionally.

Kabir Hates Anushka!

Kabir does not like interacting with her.

Saras Visits Cook's House

Saras pays a visit to Shankar's place to inspect.

Saras Diverts Shankar's Wife

Saras uses the opportunity to search the kitchen.

Saras Finds School's Supply!

Saras finds bagfuls of groceries which were supplied to the school.

Saras Is Shocked

Saras wonders why Shankar did such a thing, as his son also studies in the same school!

Will Saras Be Able To Solve The Mystery?

Saras is all the more confused. Is Shankar the real culprit?

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