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Tanisha Mukherjee: Ajay Devgn Taught Me Not To Overreact On Bigg Boss 7!

Tanisha Mukherjee, the finalist of Bigg Boss 7 said in an interview that she learnt a lot from her stay in the Bigg Boss house and her family helped a lot with this. She says, Ajay Devgn had advised her to never overreact to anything and he helped her keep her cool on the show.

Talking about her family, she told Tellychakkar that, "When I came out of Bigg Boss, I was unsure of how they'd (family) react. I had gone into uncharted territory, and the decision to do so was my own."

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Tanisha, who spent New Years' eve with her sister Kajol and brother-in-law Ajay Devgn and their two children in the couple's farm-house in Karjat, said, "My sister Kajol and the rest of the family were concerned about my decision to go into Bigg Boss. They were naturally protective of me. But they never stopped me from going. I had promised my sister, no matter what happens, I wouldn't lose my dignity in there. I think I kept my word."

Talking about how her brother-in-law, Ajay Devgn helped, she says, "I've learnt to believe in myself. In there, I did what my brother-in-law Ajay had taught me. Never overreact. As Bigg Boss always said, " 'Sayam rakho'. This Ajay has told me. He is always calm and composed no matter what the provocation. I used to always wonder why he would not react under provocation. But watching him helped me to keep my calm in Bigg Boss. I won people's hearts with love, patience, understanding."

Talking about her stay in Bigg Boss 7, Tanisha said, "My journey on Bigg Boss was very difficult. I had to share a bedroom with some people whom I wouldn't even want to sit and talk with in real life. I had to learn to overlook all the instigation. The whole house ganged up against me, and Salman sir even commented on it. Now when I am out I realise how much I value my family. And I've learnt to tolerate the people I otherwise wouldn't have entertained for even five minutes."

Talking about her mother, she said, "My mother has taught me to respect my opinion. I am very clear about who I am and where I come from. I am an extremely positive person. About the status of my relationship with Armaan, you are a mature intelligent journalist. Please draw your own conclusions."

Tanisha Mukherjee

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