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Oops! Armaan Jain Ripped His Pants On Comedy Nights With Kapil!

Armaan Jain ripped his pants while attempting a romantic feat on Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights With Kapil. The actor not only recovered soon and finished the shoot, he delivered a huge dialogue for Dadi while covering himself with a cushion.

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Here how it happened. When Armaan and Karisma were on the sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil, the duo along with the cast and crew of the comedy show had a jolly time shooting the episode. It all went well until minutes before the show was to get concluded, Armaan tried to go down on one knee for a girl from audience and ripped his already custom ripped blue jeans.

When Dadi was on stage, Kapil declared that girls from the audience and Dadi will audition for the lead role in Armaan's next film. One among the volunteers had to come running to Armaan and deliver a dialogue. Over excited Armaan went on his knee to give some extra effect and thus, ripped his ripped jeans.

Though he was shocked at what happened, he recovered soon and took it all sportingly. He just covered himself with a cushion and continued the shoot without even a break. Sidhu Paji, Karisma, Deeksha Seth (who was also on the set) could not control their laughter but Kapil and Dadi continued to play their part. Kapil even warned Dadi to be carefull because he was overexposing.

Oops: Armaan Jain Ripped His Pants On Comedy Nights With Kapil

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