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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 10th July; Ishita Thinks Raman's Still In Love With Shagun (Photos)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th July written episode:Raman promises Shagun that he will keep fighting for his son. He says that he should tell the truth to Ishita and she will understand the matter of Adi. Shagun forbids him to do so. Mihir confronts Shagun and tells her to stay away from Raman.

Ishita comes to Raman's office to give him some papers to sign. She does not talk with Raman. She meets Shagun inside the lift. The lift gets stuck midway. Ishita calls Mihir and informs.

Shagun tells Ishita that she has received the court order, but she is not going to attend the hearing as Raman has promised to protect her. Ishita tells her that she can surrender. Shagun avoids talking anymore.

Ishita refuses taking Raman's help while coming out of the lift. She holds Mihir's hand. Mihir comes out of the office and says that he has always been with Raman, but this time he will support her, as Raman is doing wrong.

Ashok confronts Shagun for visiting Raman's office.. Shagun shows him the court order and slams him for exposing the case to Ishita. She says that she does not believe him anymore, but trusts Raman only.

Mrs Kawl suggests that the old man who bought Ashok's car, can be used as an evidence in the case, as he cannot afford such a costly car, and he is handicapped too. Madhavi tells Ishita that she should close the case, to keep peace in her married life.

Ishita regrets that she has seen love in Raman's eyes, but for Shagun, who only uses him. She refuses to withdraw the case. Raman comes to Ashok's house and finds that Adi is completely broken down.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 10th July; Ishita Thinks Raman's Still In Love With Shagun

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