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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 11th March, Ishita's Hangover Effect; Slaps Raman!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th March written episode: Raman takes Ishita away from the party forcefully and puts her under the shower. Gradually she comes back to senses and recalls what happened. She becomes extremely ashamed of her behavior in the party. She recollects that Raman gave her the bottle of cold drink and the mess started from there. She comes out of the washroom and slaps Raman. Raman warns her not to misbehave with him again.

In the morning Ishita feels the hangover of the hard drink and Raman becomes much amused to see her. Ruhi asks Ishita what a ‘fully loaded drink’ is. Ishita tells her that it is nothing but a type of cold drink, colder than usual. Raman clean shaves his face, as he remembers Ruhi’s words that his beard is rough. He becomes much affectionate to Ruhi.

Madhavi opens the gift packs and finds the casserole gifted by Mrs Bhalla in the anniversary occasion. She becomes stunned to see the names of Raman and Ishita engraved on it. She understands that Toshi has passed a gift from someone else to her. She thinks that she should not reveal it to Ishita as she would be hurt; but she vows to give it back to her ‘enemy from Punjab’.

Ishita overhears Mihika’s telephonic conversation. Mihika tells Mihir how Raman defended Ishita in the party. She exclaims that their plan has worked. She utters ‘I love you’ to Mihir, in excitement; when Mihir wants to confirm it, she says that she has uttered it ‘by mistake’.

Ishita remembers the moment when Raman saved her from the insults of Bala’s mother. She regrets the act of slapping Raman. She thinks of saying sorry to him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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