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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Suraj Says Shagun's A Gold Digger, Asks Ashok To Leave Her!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August written episode: Raman tells Toshi to divert Ishita's attention, as she is upset with the license case. Ishita feels grateful. When she comes to the Iyer house, Madhavi shares the matter of Romi, what she heard in the clinic.

Ishita does not believe that Romi is not Toshi's child. Mihika hears their conversation and shares the matter with Mihir. The news is quickly spread in the office. Romi hears it from a peon.

Romi feels upset with the matter. He shares his tension with Sarika. She comforts him saying that people often gossip about baseless things. She insists that he should directly talk with his family.

Ishita sees famous cook Purnima in the housing complex. She says that she has come to see properties. She asks about Ruhi and gives chocolates for her. She hurriedly leaves the place and hides herself behind a pillar when she sees Toshi coming to Ishita!

Raman becomes troubled with the matter of Ishita. He involves Mihir and Pathak in getting details about Suraj Kumar. They tell him that he is a big businessman, having influential contacts. Raman tells them to find out even bigger contacts.

Mihika's boss tells her that she has to attend the birthday party of Ashok Khanna. Mihika is not willing to go there. Shagun decorates the new farm house in white, for Ashok's birthday. She also arranges his favourite Chinese dishes.

Suraj comes to the birthday party and expresses his disgust over Shagun's arrangements. He tells Ashok that the arrangement must be bigger as Ashok is one of the top businessmen of the city.

Suraj opines that Ashok is the most eligible bachelor of the city and he can find good matches for him. He deserves someone better than a divorced woman with a child. He tells Ashok to leave Shagun, as he thinks that the woman is nothing but an opportunist.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Suraj Calls Shagun A Gold Digger Asks AShok To Leave Her!

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