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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 14th February, Ishita-Raman's Neverending Fights...

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February written episode: Having a bad stomach upset Raman calls in the hotel reception and wants to order medicine, but due to excessive illness he cannot talk properly. The hotel staff misunderstands him and brings a pack of condom. When Ishita sees it, she misunderstands Raman and the two keep arguing.

When Ishita understands the truth, she calls Mihika and tells her to bring a herbal medicine, that her mother prepares to cure stomach problems. Raman calls up Mihir and orders his medicine urgently. Mihika prepares the medicine and tells Madhavi to pack it in a bottle. Coming out, she meets Mihir and the two reach the hotel in the same car.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

As Madhavi does not know the purpose of the medicine, she replaces it with another herbal concoction, which is meant for a newly married couple. It contains milk and Raman bursts to see it. He keeps saying that Ishita is a ‘dentist’, not a ‘doctor’. They continue fighting. Raman keeps blaming the South Indian food for his stomach upset. At night Raman sleeps in the bathtub and in the morning, the couple continues their argument.

In the next morning, Madhavi meets Toshi and tells her that they should put an end to fighting as they have become relatives now. Toshi does not agree to her and Madhavi is hurt. She says Mr Bhalla that without fighting with the Madrasis, life will become dull for her. Mr Bhalla says that the fight should stay within the limit of entertainment, it should not affect the lives of the kids.

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