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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Is Insulted By The Press (August 15th - Photos)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August written episode: Raman comes to know that Ishita is observing fast for his good health and fortune. He forbids her to keep fast for a long time thinking of her health. He remembers how he used to feed Shagun stealthily during Karva Chauth.

Ishita understands how sweet Raman was. She thinks she will complete the fast for him, as he is a nice husband. He brings two sales persons from a saree shop, as he wants to gift a saree to Ishita for the occasion. When Ishita selects saree, he talks with Pathak regarding the matter of license.

Soon Ishita gets a call from the consumer forum and comes to know that she will get back her license. She becomes mad in happiness. Her smiling face makes Raman feel that his sacrifice was worth doing.

Cook Purnima Prakashan comes to the Bhalla house wearing a sunglass. She sees Ishita browsing sarees and says that she has just come to see her. When Ishita says that Raman is present at the house, she quickly leaves, as if she wants to avoid him.

Romi comes to his parents and says sorry for behaving like a rich man's son. He tells Toshi that she has spread the rumour that he is not her son. Toshi says that the news was baseless and he is her own child.

Ashok calls a press conference and declares his new presidentship. He says in front of media that Raman purchased the post against money, he did not deserve it. Mihika feels upset hearing this.

Mihika comes back home early to attend the puja. She repeatedly tries to share the information with Ishita, but fails to do so amid the puja. Reporters come to Raman's office and ask insulting questions.

One of the reporters mentions Ashok's quote that Raman's prizes and posts are purchased. Raman loses his cool and the reporters are expelled from the office. Mihir controls the situation.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman Is Insulted By The Press (Photos)

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