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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Vows To Regain Raman's Honour (16th August-Photos)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August written episode: Mihir asks Raman why he has taken such a big risk without thinking about the future of his company. Raman tells him that there was no other option to save Ishita's career. And she deserves it, as she has sacrificed a lot for his family. Romi overhears their conversation.

Mihika informs Ishita about Raman's resignation from the post of president and recommendation of Ashok's name. Ishita becomes puzzled and thinks it must be some dirty plan of Ashok and his gang.

Romi comes to Ishita and tells her the truth. Ishita cries for Raman. She thinks that she will teach Suraj a lesson. She tells Romi to take her to Suraj's office. Romi repeatedly asks Ishita whether she is sure of confronting Suraj, as he is a powerful man. Ishita sticks to her point.

Reaching Suraj's office, Ishita sees Suraj getting down from his car. She points him out. Suraj talks with a man. Romi becomes surprised and says that he knows both the men. He tells Ishita that Suraj Kumar is talking with a bookie.

Romi guesses that Suraj is involved in match fixing as he sees him talking with a bookie, just three hours before a match. Ishita, who was thinking of a direct confrontation against Suraj, now plans a game to take Raman's honour back.

When Romi and Ishita come back home, they see Mr and Mrs Bhalla watching news. They come to know that Raman has resigned from the post. Mr Bhalla immediately calls Raman and talks in loudspeaker mode.

He asks Raman why he has taken such a disastrous step. Raman arrogantly says that it is a business decision; everyone hears it. Mr Bhalla feels insulted and becomes angry. Ishita feels sorry seeing the pain of her father-in-law.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Vows To Regain Raman's Honour

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