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Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Raman-Ishita's "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" Moment In Rain!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th September written episode: After sharing her story, Ishita tells Mihika that Raman is not romantic type. Both Raman and Shagun overhear this. Param insists Shagun into sharing her romantic moment. Shagun says that she has spent her most romantic moment with Raman. She gives vivid description of a day that she spent with Raman.

Sagun does not stop here. She tells Ishita that Raman is extremely romantic. Raman tells her that a person changes with time. Shagun says that romance has gone from his life along with her. Raman feels disgusted and leaves the room. Ishita becomes pale. Param comes to Ishita and says that he is enjoying her harassment. Mihir and Mihika discuss that there is a lack of romance in Raman and Ishita’s marriage.

Ruhi and Shravan try to make Adi happy with games, but Adi continues being snob. He says that Ashok buys the most costly video games for him. Shravan tells him that a father’s love and company is more precious than costly gifts.

Raman insists on dropping Bala and Bandita. He understands Ishita’s pain and takes her with him. On their way back, Raman has to stop the car due to heavy downpour. He gets down from the car and tells Ishita to come with him. Ishita becomes surprised. He says that he will prove his romantic nature. He takes her out to dance amid rain and hugs her.

Both Raman and Ishita catch cold. Raman tells Toshi that they danced in the rain. Toshi is amused. Ishita relishes the moment of dancing in the rain. Raman teases her and says that she should keep it as a secret!

Ishita Content With Raman

Ishita would be content with Raman not being romantic.

Shagun Talks About Raman

But Shagun tells Raman and her story when he was the most romantic guy ever.

Raining Flowers

Raman would have rained flowers on Shagun from a tree.

Shagun Tells Details

Shagun would tell details about Raman and her past just to hurt Ishita.

Ishita Hurt

Ishita would get hurt from Shagun and Param's words.

Raman Takes On Drive

Raman would take Ishita on a drive and would decide to dance in rain.

Raman Asks Ishita For A Dance

Raman would ask Ishita for a dance in the rain.

Ishita And Raman Dance

Raman and Ishita would dance in the rain.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Moment

Ishita would finally have her Kuch Kuch Hota Hai moment.

Raman And Ishita Have Cold

Raman and Ishita would both have cold after their dance in the rain.

Raman Takes Care Of Ishita

Raman would take care of Ishita the same way she does to him.


Raman would ask Ishita to keep their dance between themselves.

Ishita Happy

Ishita would be over the moon with Raman's behaviour.

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