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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 18th March, Ishita Goes Missing!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March written episode: Raman and Ishita come back home and find that Toshi has a hair-crack in her feet. Doctor prescribes six months rest for her. Raman and Ishita talk with Mihir. Mihir confesses that he sent the messages to Mihika. He also says that he can never ignore Raman’s words. Raman arrogantly says that he has the sole right of taking decision over Mihir’s life. He also says that Mihika is not a perfect girl for Mihir. Mihir tells Ishita that Raman makes a big meaning for him.

Ishita is not back home at night. Ruhi cries vehemently; she fears that Ishita has left her too, like Shagun. Raman searches for Ishita in the roads, but for no result. When the Bhallas and the Iyers are sitting with endless worries, Ishita comes back around three at night.

Ishita declares that she was upset and wanted to stay alone; she cannot give ‘more explanation’. Raman bursts on her and tells her in front of all that if she makes Ruhi cry again, he will expel her. Mr Iyer becomes upset seeing that Ishita can behave so irresponsibly. Ishita comes to Ruhi and comforts her. She says that she had some work.

In the morning Mihika calls in Ishita’s mobile. Ishita receives the phone after rejecting it two times. Mihika tells her that she has got a job in an event management company and her first assignment is a function of Holi. Mihika insists that Ishita should share her pains with her. Ishita avoids it. Raman tells Ishita that she cannot move him, by ‘playing such tricks’, as he has taken decision over Mihir.

In the morning, Mr Bhalla finds that Toshi is preparing a lot of food items. She says that she is celebrating Aditya’s birthday.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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