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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Completes Karva Chouth, Raman Impressed! (19th August)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August written episode: Raman comes to know that Ishita has sincerely observed fast for him. She breaks her fast after Raman comes home. He feels proud of her. The next morning Ishita calls Mihir and tells him to take Raman to the business association centre, where Ashok will be joining as the new president.

Mihir fails to convince Raman. Ishita discovers a plan of taking Raman to the office. When she is busy in this plan, Ruhi asks for a CD of her school project. Ishita tells Nilu to give her the CD.

Soon Ishita discovers that Nilu has mistakenly given the CD of the proof against Suraj. She becomes crazy and shouts at Nilu. Romi assures that the CD will be in Ruhi’s bag and he rushes to take it back.

Raman comes to see Aditya in his community work session. Shagun feels irritated to attend the tree plantation ground. Raman scolds her. She informs Raman that she has got engaged to Ashok and is his would be wife now.

Ashok requests Mihika to set his tie in the office. Mihika boldly says that it is not her duty. He intentionally falls on her and says sorry. She becomes disgusted and leaves the room. Ashok enjoys it.

Mihir calls Raman and tells a lie that Ashok is insulting Ishita in the business forum saying that her medical degree is fake. Raman becomes angry and promises to come to the ceremony.

Ishita wishes to get the CD soon and recover Raman’s post. Bala teases her when she calls Raman ‘my husband’, instead of ‘Ruhi’s father’. Ishita blushes.

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