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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 1st April; Raman Decides To Apologize To Ishita

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April written episode: Bala counsels Ishita. He advises that Ishita should give time to Raman to let him mature. Ishita regrets that both Adi and Ruhi have been affected by the Raman-Ashok-Shagun triangle. Bala says that Ishita has to break this triangle. He has faith on Ishita’s maturity.

When Ishita comes to Ruhi, Ruhi looks much upset. She asks her whether Raman at all loves her. Ishita tells her that Raman obviously loves her, but differences are there between every couple. Ruhi apprehends that Ishita can leave her, like the mother of her classmate, whose father never loved her mother.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman listens to the words of Ruhi. He sits alone in the drawing room in darkness. Toshi wants to share his worries. Raman clings to Toshi like a little boy. He tells her that he has done a big mistake by obliging Ishita to apologize to Adi and Shagun, when she actually has no fault. He did this with a view to getting Adi’s love, but he has realized that he is behaving like a helpless and pitiable person.

Raman recalls the childhood of Adi, who is his first child. He regrets that he has forever ignored Ruhi, as he was occupied by the pain of losing Shagun and Adi. Now he realizes that a girl child is equally important as a boy is. He decides to correct his mistakes towards Ruhi. He comes to a sleeping Ruhi and promises to bring her smile back, by saying sorry to Ishita.

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