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Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Ashok Refuses To Pay For Adi's School?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September written episode: Simmi is provoked by Ishita’s words. She tells Param to earn the money by himself and not to beg from Ashok. She wants to establish the status of her husband in front of Raman. Param feels irritated. Ishita taunts Param. He understands that it is her plan to provoke Simmi. He thinks he will beat Raman and Ishita’s intelligence. He tells Ashok that he is taking a loan from office. Raman continues insulting him. Madhavi thinks of some new plan to harass Param.

Suraj tells Ashok that he should not take the responsibility of Shagun’s son. He is doing charity by bringing up Adi, says Suraj. Adi hears it when Raman takes him back from his community service. Adi feels bad and goes to his room. Raman warns Suraj and Ashok not to hurt his son again. He shares his worries with his family. Ishita opines that it will be good for Adi, if Ashok shows his true face in front of him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Ashok Refuses To Pay For Adi's School?

Shagun confronts Ashok for being provoked by his brother and hurting her son. Ashok becomes violent and tells her to apologize to Suraj. She refuses. Mr and Mrs Bhalla tell Raman to pay Adi’s school fees. Raman calls Shagun in his office and convinces her to take money from him, for Adi’s upbringing.

Toshi sees Sarika and Romi together when Sarika drops him at home. She becomes alert and asks Romi about the relationship. He escapes. Tosi thinks she will be alert so that Romi cannot commit another mistake.

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