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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Invites Param Home For Simmi!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August written episode: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) meets Param at night and asks him what he wants from the Bhalla family. Param taunts her as usual. He says that he is missing his wife and child. He threats her that he is playing a game using Simmi and so, she should play a counter game. Mihika hears a phone conversation of Mihir where he scolds someone. He says that he forbade her to send rakhi and he wants to deny that he has a sister. Mihika asks Raman about the matter, but Raman (Karan Patel) avoids. She becomes tensed.

At breakfast table Param tells Ashok that he has put Raman in trouble using Simmi. Ashok promises all supports to him. Suraj insults Shagun saying that she still feels for her old husband. Shagun is angry, but Ashok supports his brother. Simmi packs her bag and declares that she is leaving the house. The Bhalla family discovers Param at the door. When Raman insults him, he says that he has been called to the house by Ishita!

Ishita calls Raman inside their bedroom. She confesses that last night she met the scoundrel alone. Ishita tells Raman if Param is not brought to the house, Simmi will leave. And in that case she will lose all connections with the family. Ishita suggests that the family is well aware of Param’s true face. So, he should be kept in the house, so that the family members can keep him on watch and he cannot do anything wrong with Simmi.

Ishita Meets Param

Ishita would meet Param for Simmi.

Mihir's Sister

Mihika overhears Mihir talking to his sister.

Param At Home

When SImmi packs her bags to leave Param would drop in.

Come To Stay

Param tells Simmi he has come to stay.

Ishita Invited Him

Everyone would be shocked to hear that Ishita has invited him to stay.

Raman Refuses

Raman refuses to accept Param staying at his house.

Ishita Convinces Him

Ishita convinces him to allow Param to stay for SImmi's sake.

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