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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: NRI Client, Abhimanyu, Ishita's Friend?

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September written episode: Though the NRI client, Abhimanyu is not yet introduced to the viewers, Raman (Karan Patel) and everyone, it is possible that the friend Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) met for dinner after a long time is him.

Currently on the show, Raman comes to meet his NRI client for a second time as the meeting was canceled due to ‘three minutes late’. He comes ten minutes earlier and tells Mihir that this time he will not tolerate any objection. The secretary comes and says that the client Mr Abhimanyu has refused to meet Raman, as he has bribed him with a bottle of scotch.

Raman and Mihir are shocked hearing it. They deny it, but the lady says that she has nothing to do. After she leaves, Ashok comes and reveals that it is done by him and he is going to meet the client now!

Mihika tells Ishita that Mihir has arranged a dinner at his home and Ashok is invited as Shagun’s would-be husband. She requests Ishita to handle the situation as Raman would never feel comfortable with Ashok.

When Ishita comes to talk with Raman, she finds that he is already agitated against Ashok. Still she requests him to attend the dinner. He refuses it outright. She reminds him that it was he who inspired Mihir to rebuild his relationship with Shagun; so he cannot stop supporting Mihir. Raman is convinced.

The Iyer sisters and their husbands attend the dinner at Mihir’s house. Raman tells Bala that he has seen him yesterday. Bala denies being in the place that Raman mentions. Not only that, he abruptly leaves the dinner after getting a phone call. His weird behavior raises doubt in Raman’s mind.

Shagun tries to establish that she is a better cook than Ishita, but Raman praises Ishita’s cooking. Not only that, the next morning he makes breakfast with the help of Ruhi and Mihika. Ishita is surprised and impressed.

Ashok Bribes

Ashok bribes the NRI client as Raman. Raman looses the client.

Dinner At Mihir's Place

Pot-luck dinner at Mihir's place would get everyone in Mihir's house.

Test For Raman

Ishita and Shagun end up making the same dish. Shagun asks Raman to taste both find out who made which.

Ishita Thanks Raman

Ishita thanks Raman for appreciating her dish.

Raman Makes Breakfast

Raman decides to make breakfast for Ishita with Mihika's help.

Ishita Late

Raman would have switched  off Ishita's alarm clock and she wakes up late.

Ishita's Gets A Surprise

Ishita gets a pleasant surprise when she finds out Ruhi is ready for school and breakfast is ready on table.

Ishita Impressed

Ishita would be impressed with Raman.

Raman's Surprise

Ishita would have a huge smile thanks to Raman's surprise.


Raman would find himself feeling shy.

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