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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun Gives Ashok Documents To Defame Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August written episode: Param says he will enter the Bhalla house on one condition, if Ishita ties rakhi in his hand. Ishita becomes compelled to fulfil his demand for a bigger aim. Raman feels much troubled in Param’s presence. Ishita cools him down. Madhavi becomes agitated knowing that Param has come back to the Bhalla house. She and her sister insist on going to the police station. Mr Iyer stops them saying that the Bhalla family will definitely take care of Ishita.

Param keeps befooling Simmi with his sweet words. Ishita vows that she will reveal his true face very soon. He taunts Ishita when she is alone in the house. She warns him boldly. Madhavi tells Ishita to stay in the Iyer house. Ishita says that she has brought Param to the house with some particular intention. She has to handle the case delicately, as Simmi’s emotions are involved. Madhavi thinks she will teach Param a lesson.

Ashok becomes upset with a business deal which he has lost to Raman. Suraj tells him to use Param and take information about Raman. Ashok thinks he has to defame Raman somehow.

Shagun gives Ruhi’s birth history to Ashok. She narrates how her physical condition became critical during that pregnancy. Raman was to select anyone between his wife and the child. And Raman selected Shagun. She shows the bond with Raman’s signature. Suraj plans to defame Raman saying that he wanted to kill the child as it was a female one. Ashok hugs Shagun in excitement. Shagun sees Suraj with a triumphant expression.

Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Shagun Gives Ashok Documents To Defame Raman

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