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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 26th March; Ashok Shagun Manipulate Adi Against Raman

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March written episode: Madhavi keeps taking revenge upon Toshi for her anniversary gift, by boring her with South Indian music and mythological stories. Ishita, Simmi, Parmit and Bandita attend the party with Ruhi and Shravan. Ishita is tensed whether Raman would become angry to see them. Bandita drinks several glasses of bhang thandai, as Simmi and Parmit insists.

When Aditya comes, Raman gives him pichkari and colours. He misbehaves with Raman as usual. Raman tells Adi that he has not taken Ishita with him, as Adi does not like her. Adi insists on playing holi with Ashok and Shagun. Ashok and Shagun provoke Adi saying that Raman has lied to him. They show him that Ishita, his stepmother is playing with Ruhi.

Romi and Mihika are tensed as the dancer does not arrive in time. Romi comes to know that the dancer is wearing a pink and white salwar suit. When Trisha gets down from car with pink and white suit, Romi takes her to be the dancer and forcefully locks her inside the dressing room, when she refuses to be a dancer.

Romi is informed that the dancer was in auto and there was an accident; he understands that he has made a serious mistake. Mihika goes to take the dancer. She becomes surprised to see that the room is locked from outside. When she opens the door Trisha comes out and shouts at her. Mihir comes to know that Trisha is locked inside the greenroom. He comes to take her out. When Trisha sees Mihir, she hugs him tightly in front of Mihika. Mihika applogizes to Trisha on behalf of Romi and leaves the place with a pale expression.

Ashok And Shagun With Adi

Ashok and Shagun manipulate Adi by saying that Raman lied to him about Ishita.

Adi Does Not Like Ishita

Adi would be told by Raman that Ishita would not be coming to the holi celebrations.

Ashok And Shagun

Ashok and Shagun taunt Raman by saying that they will keep Adi away from him no matter what.

Raman And Shagun At Holi

Raman would be surprised to see Shagun at the Holi celebrations. He would not be happy about it.

Shagun Tries To Play Holi

Shagun tries to play holi with Raman thinking he would play holi only with her.

Raman, Ishita And Ruhi

Ishita would convince Ruhi to play holi.

Ishita With Ruhi

Ruhi would be upset with the holi celebrations. But Ishita manages to cheer her up.

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