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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 29th May; Raman Escapes Shagun But Ruhi Gifts Him Pink Phone! (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May written episode: Shagun tells the police officer that she consumed sleeping pills by mistake. She calls Raman to her cabin and demands his thanks for saving him. She adds that this is a warning, which he should keep in mind before insulting her again. Raman says that he is least afraid by her threats. Ashok regrets that Shagun has missed a good chance of harassing Raman. Shagun is hurt by his indifference towards her health.

Romi meets his friends who give him a question paper, that Bala has given to them. Romi remembers Bala’s phone conversation where he was saying that he had prepared five sets of question papers. He becomes alert so that Bala cannot cheat him.

When Ishita complains about Raman’s absence during her speech, he calls Romi and shows the video recording of the speech. Romi tells her that Raman wanted this video so that he can follow the speech. Ishita understands her mistake and asks Raman about his urgency. Raman shares the episode of Shagun. Ishita feels bad for him.

Toshi and others are much worried about the aunt, whom Ishita has cordially invited. They are scared, as they know her nature very well. Ishita works hard to manage the cooking and all. When the aunt comes Simmi tries keeping her busy in shopping and eating out.

Ruhi notices that Raman’s phone is damaged. She wants to buy a new phone for Raman. Ishita goes to shop with her. Ruhi selects the phone and Ishita cannot pay much attention as she is busy with her cooking challenge.

Ishita and Ruhi leave the phone in the reception at Raman’s office, as he is busy. When he receives it, Mihir and Tandon insist on opening the pack. Raman is angry seeing a pink coloured phone. Others are amused.

Shagun Aksed Reason For Suicide Attempt

Shagun would be questioned about why she tried to kill herself from the police. And if there is anybody a cause for it. She would inform them that it was just a mistake.

Police Inform Rest

Police inform the rest that it was Shagun's mistake and that she wants to meet Raman.

Shagun Spared Raman

Shagun informs Raman that she spared him from getting arrested.

Raman Only Worried Abotu Adithya

Raman would inform her that he does not care about her and that he came only because he was worried about his son.

Ashok And Shagun

Shagun would realise that Ashok was not worried about her at all. And that he was more worried she let go of a chance to get Raman arrested.

Ishita Questions Raman

Back home when Ishita continues to question Raman how he could walk off when she was giving a speech. Raman gets fed up.

Ishita Enlightened

Ishita would get enlightened when Raman informs her about how Romi made sure he did not miss her speech by being on a video call with him throughout the whole time.

Ishita Informed

Raman informs Ishita about why was that he had to leave her speech in the middle.

Raman Appeciates At Last

Raman at last would appreciate her speech and her effort.

Ishita And Ruhi's Plan

When Ishita and Ruhi see Raman irritated with his old phone, they would decide to surprise him by gifting him a new one.

Ruhi Picks The Phone

Since Ishita would be busy with the dinner arrangements, she would miss that Ruhi has picked a pink phone for Raman.

Raman In Meeting

Since Raman would be in a meeting Ishita and Ruhi would leave the gift with the receptionist.

Simmi And Toshi Leave

Simmi and Toshi would leave for shopping with the aunt.

Raman Gets The Gift

Raman gets the gift and would be forced to open it in front of the others.

Raman Angry With The Pink Phone

Raman thinks the gift was selected by Ishita and would get angry that she caused him embarrassment.

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