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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 2nd June; Ishita Stops Raman From Slapping Romi! (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd June written episode: Bala tells Bandita that he hid the facts from her to avoid giving stress, as he thought that he would finely handle the matter. Bandita wants to share everything with Ishita, but Bala stops her. He wants to keep Ishita away from it, to save her family life.

But Ishita comes to know about it, as she hears Madhavi’s phone conversation. On the other hand, Romi tells everything to Simmi, who promises to protect him. When Ishita wants to talk with Romi, Simmi guards him.

Raman bursts on Romi and wants to take out the truth from him. Ishita stops him from being violent. Romi leaves the house. Raman scolds Simmi too when she tries to protect Romi.

Raman becomes angry with Ishita as she stops him from beating up Romi. He is also upset with Bala, as he has asked him several times about Romi’s performance, but he has mentioned nothing to him. He says that he will stay away from it.

Toshi comes to the Iyer house and shouts at them. Mr Bhalla scolds her, as she has failed to give lessons of ethics to her son. Simmi provokes Toshi saying that the Iyers are targeting their family.

Ishita comes to Romi and tries to counsel him. She requests him to tell the truth, to save Bala’s career. She also promises to protect him, if he says the truth. Romi refuses doing it.

Balal Stops Bandita

When Bandita considers calling Ishita and informing her about what is happening, Bala would stop her not wanting to create more trouble for Ishita.

Romi Backs Simmi

Knowing how Simmi would react to the issue, Romi would back her in this issue.

Ishita Corners Her Mom

Bandita would have informed her mother about what was happening, when she tries to hide it from Ishita, she would corner her to give her the information.

Requests To keep it A Secret

Ishita would be asked to keep the information a secret since Bandita had asked her to not speak about it.

Simmi Stops Ishita

When Ishita tries to confront Romi, Simmi would stop her and warn her off.

Raman Angry Being Informed Last

When Ishita informs Raman about Romi and Bala's issue, he would get angry for being the last one to be informed.

Raman Attacks Romi

Raman would not hesitate to attack Romi and ask for an honest explanation.

Simmi Interferes

Simmi would try to interfere. Raman would try to warn her but she would not listen.

Simmi Backs Off

When Simmi continues to insult Ishita and her family, Raman would give a final warning which would make her back off finally.

Raman Almost Slaps Romi

Raman would try to slap Romi but Ishita would stop him.

Romi Leaves Home

Romi would leave home in anger.

Toshi Attacks Ishita's Family

Toshi would then go to Ishita's parents house and insult them.

Ishita Tries To Convince Romi

Ishita would try to talk Romi and convince him to change his statement.

Romi Leaves

But Romi would leave Ishita standing.

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