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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 3rd March, Ishita Unaware About Raman's Son!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March written episode: Ashok wants to donate blood to Ruhi; he taunts Raman saying that he will have blood relationship with Ruhi from now on. Fortunately the hospital authority manages to get blood from the blood bank. Ruhi recovers quickly and gets released from the hospital. Raman becomes much affectionate to Ruhi. The child is happy to know that her father is not angry with her.

Aditya calls Raman after a long time; he tells Raman to meet him as soon as possible, at Shagun’s place. His voice is harsh and tone is rude. Raman shares the information with his parents. Ishita notices that their faces become pale with the name of Adi. She cannot understand what the truth is.

Coming to Shagun’s place Raman meets Ashok, who gives him some papers to sign. Ashok reminds him of the court verdict, that ordered Raman to keep 30 ft distance from Aditya, as Raman was accused of child abuse. Shagun permits Raman to meet Adi in his room.

Raman finds that Aditya is no more a child, he is behaving like a man. He is amazed to see that his son has grown up so much. Aditya behaves apathetically to Raman. He is busy with his tab and even does not look at Raman.

Aditya asks for Raman’s permission for some issue. Raman tells him that he can gladly do anything for him. Aditya tells him that he needs a visa and in the passport, he wants to change his father’s name!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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