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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 3rd June; Bala Suspended; Romi's Shameful Secret Out!(Pics)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd June written episode: Ishita discovers press persons in front of the house, covering the news of the college exam scandal and abusing Bala and Bandita. Ishita protests and tries to prevent them. They argue that it is their duty to know and reveal the truth and they will show it in the next morning news.

Ishita comes to Raman and seeks help, who ignores her. She calls Mihir and asks for help. Shagun and Param leave Tanu’s office with the satisfaction that the Iyer family will face more insults soon.

In the morning the Iyers sit in front of the television with tensed faces. Ashok becomes surprised seeing that Shagun is watching the morning news with much excitement. Shagun tells him that something very important will be telecasted soon.

To everyone’s utter surprise, the college news is not shown, rather there is a scandal about Ashok! Bala tells Ishita that it must have been stopped by Raman, who met him in the morning and promised to help him in every way.

It is confirmed by Mihir, who comes and says that he could not solve the problem. Ishita calls Raman and thanks him, when he is sitting at Tanu’s office. Tanu avoids Shagun’s call.

Bala and Bandita attend the board meeting where the board members announce that they have decided to suspend Bala and demote Bandita. Bala defends Bandita saying that she was innocent. But Bnadita is criticized as a principal, who could not sort out the problems earlier.

Bala fails to convince the board. Bandita wants to leave the job as she thinks that they have done injustice. Bala stops her, as it will affect their family life.

Shravan tells Ruhi that he cannot do his project as Madhavi’s laptop is not working. Ruhi takes Romi’s laptop and comes to the Iyer house. Soon after they open the laptop, Vishwa takes them for an outing.

Madhavi tries to shut down the laptop and there she finds the video of Mihika, that was spread as an MMS! It is to see how she would expose the matter!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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