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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 4th June; Madhavi Run Over By Car; Is Romi Involved? (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June written episode: Madhavi comes to the Bhalla house in search of Romi, who is not present at the house. Simmi notices her furious attitude and Romi’s laptop in her hand. Simmi quickly calls Romi and informs the matter.

Romi becomes alert that Madhavi might have seen Mihika’s video. He thinks that he should stop her from revealing the matter at any cost. He tells his friends to leave him alone and starts with a car.

Madhavi rushes to Ishita’s clinic. She calls at Ishita’s mobile several times. Sarika picks up the call as Ishita is busy with a patient. She comes to know that Madhavi is coming to the clinic.

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Madhavi runs here and there for an auto. She is so shattered, that she has little attention to the traffic. Raman notices a chaos in the road and comes out of his car, to discover Madhavi lying in a pool of blood, after being hit by a car. He also discovers Romi’s laptop.

Ishita sees several missed calls of Madhavi and comes to know that she was coming to the clinic. When she calls in her mobile, Raman informs her about the accident, when he is rushing Madhavi to the hospital.

Raman consoles Ishita and her family and tries to take the best care of Madhavi. After a major operation, doctor announces that Madhavi’s condition will be critical for the next twenty four hours. When police comes, Raman tells them to find the culprit at any cost.

Is it a co-incidence that Romi was driving a white car just like the one that hit Madhavi? Is Romi involved in Madhavi's hit and run case? Let's wait and watch.

Madhavi In Search Of Romi

Madhavi would barge into Bhalla house in search of Romi. Simmi would declare that he is not home and would immediately call Romi to inform him about this and that Madhavi had his laptop.

Romi Decides To Act

WHen Simmi informs him about the situation, ROmi would get agitated and decides to do something. He drops off his friends and goes on his way alone.

Madhavi Tries Ishita

Madhavi would try her best to reach Ishita. But when she could not reach her on phone, she would decide to go to her clinic to show her the video and ash her to deal with it.

Madhavi Meets An Accident

Madhavi would meet with an accident on her way. A white car would hit her, hit a tree and drive off.

Madhavi Badly Hurt

Madhavi would fall on the road badly hit. There would be a commotion on the street.

Raman Passing By

Raman would be on his way and pass the commotion. This is when he would notice Romi's laptop at the accident scene. He would step out to check.

Raman Cries For Help

When Raman finds Madhavi hurt and on the road, he would cry for help and decides to take her to the hospital on his own.

Raman On His Way To Hospital

Raman would be on his way to the hospital with Madhavi. He would be covered in her blood.

Raman Informs Ishita

Raman would receive Ishita's call and informs her about the accident.

Ishita Distraught

Ishita would be distraught hearing about Madhavi's accident.

Ishita Reaches Hospital

Raman would try his best to console Ishita in the situation.

Family In Hope

Everyone in the family would console each other in the current situation.


The police would come to the hospital to get all the information about the accident.

Raman Wants The Culprit

Raman would ask the police to find the culprit at any cost.

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