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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 5th July; Ashok Informs Ishita About Raman Erasing CC TV Footage (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th July written episode: Pathak meets the police officer in a public place, who gives him the chip that contains the video footages of the day of the accident. Eventually Mihika sees them and listens to their conversation. She comes to know that Raman has instructed Pathak to hide the accident clips.

Mihika rushes to Ishita’s clinic, while Ishita is engrossed in seeing a selfie of Raman and Ruhi. Mihika shares the matter with her. Ishita becomes extremely angry. She refuses to believe it outright and misbehaves with Mihika.

Raman, Shagun and the children come to a resort. Ruhi feels bad when Shagun and Adi talks foul about Ishita. Shagun takes a selfie with Raman and the children and sets it as her profile picture in a social networking site. She updates her status saying, ‘feeling great with family’. She utters that now she will teach Ashok a lesson.

Param sees the restlessness in Ashok due to the activities of Shagun. He fuels it more, showing the picture and the update. Ashok calls Shagun and expresses his disgust over the matter. Shagun tells him that he has not married her, so cannot be possessive.

Ashok thinks that Shagun has crossed all limits and he should now take the final step. He straight goes to Ishita’s clinic, when Ishita and Mihika both are present there. Ishita again insults him when he shows the photo of Raman and Shagun. She says that she is well aware of it.

Ishita is about to call the security, to expel Ashok. He unveils all the secrets, that Shagun is the culprit who has committed the accident and Raman is trying to protect her! Will Ishita’s trust still remain the same?

Raman And Shagun Leave For The Outing

Raman and Shagun would leave on the outing without Ishtia.

Selfie For Ishita

Raman and Ruhi send a selfie for Ishita.

Mihika Overhears Pathak

Mihika would cross overhear Pathak talk about the CC TV footage he is erasing.

The Video Of Accident

Pathak would be discussing that the footage is of the accident.

Mihika Informs Ishita

When Mihika informs Ishita that Raman must have done such a thing she would flatly refuse to believe.

Pathak Informs Raman

Pathak would have informed Raman that he has got the footage and that he will be destroying it.


Shagun would take a selfie and upload it as her new display picture.

Ashok Sees The Selfie

Ashok sees the selfie and gets very angry.

Shagun Makes Demands

When Ashok tries to talk to her, she would declare an ultimatum. She would demand marriage.

Ashok's Revenge

Ashok decides to take revenge.

Ashok Goes To Ishita

Ashok would go to Ishita and would inform her about Raman and Shagun's outing.

Ashok Gives Away Information

Ashok informs Ishita that Raman has erased the footage that had Madhavi's accident recorded.

Ishita Shocked

When Mihika said that same thing Ishita would have thought that she might have mistook it. But when Ashok too makes the same accusation, she will get shocked.

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