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Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Ishita Brings Shagun Home!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th September written episode: Two policemen discover Shagun and Ishita on the road. The officer interrogates them and accuses Shagun of drink and drive. Ishita replies that he cannot do anything without lady constables; she leaves the place with Shagun. She takes her car to Ashok’s place.

The gatekeeper stops Shagun. He says that Suraj has instructed him not to allow Shagun inside. Ishita feels helpless and takes Shagun with her. She comes back home and thinks she can keep Shagun with her mother.

Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Ishita Brings Shagun Home!

Later Ishita remembers that Madhavi is not well. She knocks the gate of Bhalla house. Raman who has become impatient and angry seeing Ishita’s delay, opens the door and bursts on Ishita seeing Shagun.

Ishita argues with the whole Bhalla family that she cannot leave a woman on the road. She lays Shagun on her bed. Shagun keeps talking non sense under the effect of alcohol. Toshi tells Ishita that she is doing a big mistake by taking Raman’s ex-wife in his bedroom. She opines that Ishita believes in hypothetical ideas, which have no connection with the reality.

Toshi warns Ishita that she should understand the real world. Raman also feels irritated. Ishita feels upset. Param laughs at Raman when sees him sleeping on the drawing room sofa. He calls Ashok. Ashok receives Param’s call when he is asking the servants about Shagun. He is informed that Shagun is sleeping on Raman’s bed !

The Iyers becomes busy to attend the court marriage of Mihir and Mihika.

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