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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 8th July; Raman Gets Drunk With Guilt, Ishita Calls Lawyer! (Photos)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July written episode: Ishita gives Raman no chance for explanation and leaves the resort with Ruhi. Mr and Mrs Bhalla become worried seeing Ishita coming back with Ruhi alone. When Toshi comes to Ishita, she bursts into tears, but is not able to share anything.

Raman comes back to the complex at night, with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. He keeps taking alcohol and shouting. The caretaker tries to take him inside, but he pushes him again and again. People wake up at this noise and watch Raman.

Raman says that everyone should see the condition of a helpless man. He is a failure as a human being-as a father, as a son and a husband, regrets Raman. He realizes that he has cheated the woman who has made his home, for the woman who had broken it before!

Ishita comes downstairs and takes Raman inside. He keeps shouting that he was helpless. He has done everything for Adi. Ishita refuses to trust him anymore. She says that she will not endure his mistake.

Shagun becomes shocked seeing that Ashok has exposed her crime to Ishita. Ashok says that he will tackle Ishita later, but presently he wants to teach Shagun a lesson for her arrogance.

Ishita tries to take Raman inside the room, but he keeps refusing. Toshi comes out and tells Ishita to leave him in the drawing room. When Raman opens his eyes in the morning, he sees Ishita talking to a lawyer about the case of the accident!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 8th July; Raman Gets Drunk With Guilt, Ishita Calls Lawyer! (Photos)

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