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Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Safe; Rimi, Digangana Or Yuvika, Who Do You Think May Get Eliminated This Week?

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The 27th day of Bigg Boss Season 9, has been quite interesting one. After lots of up and down all the contestant settled down & dressed nicely waited for Salman Khan. In the beginning of the episode, each of the contestants was asked who did they feel was that one person that they didn't want to see anymore on the show.

As expected, the maximum number of votes went to the Iranian model, Mandana Karimi, who was then asked by Salman Khan to go inside the jail and she has to become more entertaining and told that she is safe! This was the second time for Mandana to go inside the jail.

Now the question pans to the three ladies of Bigg Boss, whose chances are more to get eliminated this week and those are none other than Digangana Suryavanshi, Yuvika Chaudhary and Rimi Sen.

Though there are major chances for Digangana or Rimi to get eliminated this week but since Rimi has opened up from past few days, it is doubtful to say whether Rimi will be saying goodbye to the show or Digangana!

Recently, when Digangana's father, Neeraj Suryavanshi was being asked by BL that does Risabh Sinha's wild entry bothers him as his daughter doesn't share warm past with him, he said, "See, it was expected that wild cards will enter the house. It is a secure place and my daughter can look after herself. If he misbehaves he will get a befitting reply from Digangana."

Well, if you say so Mr Suryavanshi!

While, there are major chances that she may get evicted this week, but no one just can't predict what is going to happen next moment in Bigg Boss, isn't it?

Meanwhile, click on gallery and check out some HIGHLIGHTS of the 27th day of Bigg Boss 9, where most of the contestants were grilled by Salman Khan!

Salman Makes Fun Of Prince

On day 26, we have seen Prince proposing Yuvika with heart-shaped parantha and yesterday (November 7, 2015) even Salman was seen making fun of Prince's heart-shaped parantha, which he made for Yuvika. Salman also asked Yuvika about her feelings towards Prince & Rishabh. On which she said, JUST FRIENDS!

Kishwer Says Sorry

Salman also expressed his anger and revealed all the spitting incident, which was done by Kishwer Merchantt. Though Kishwer said sorry but Salman asks if she would eat something like that. He then told her very clearly that it was indeed a disgusting thing, which she has done!

Salman Tells Contestants To Act Like A Mature

Salman, who was little disappointed with everyone then turned his attention to Digangana and told her that she should have stopped the housemates when she found out about it as Diganagna knew that whatever Kishwer was doing. Salman also told contestants to act like a mature!

Rimi Sen Takes A Pledge

Salman Khan again grills Rimi Sen and told to stop cribbing because it has started to get a little irritating. He also said that he was quite shocked to see this side of Rimi as he always thought she spoke her mind. Interestingly, Salman also makes her take a pledge stating that she won't be mouthing ‘Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai' dialogue anymore!

Suyyash: Not A Good Boyfriend?

Salman also showed his disappointment with Suyyash that like a good boyfriend, he should have taken a stand for her girlfriend, Kishwer while she was doing the task as a dog for three hours, rather than crying like a helpless person.

Salman Claps For Aman

Salman also praised Aman Verma for helping Suyyash and Kishwer even being on not good terms with the couple and also clapped for Aman, leaving Suyyash speechless for the moment!

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