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Bigg Boss 9: Shararati Bachen (Nomination) Task - Rishabh Asks Mandana To Kiss; Rimi-Mandana Give Up

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Bigg Boss 9, Day 36: The luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachen' is announced which will determine the nominations for the week. In BB Day Care, Rishabh Sinha, Kishwer Merchant, Rochelle Rao and Prince Narula will be seen playing kids, while Aman Verma, Digangana Suryavanshi, Suyyash Rai and Mandana Karimi play their caretakers.

In this tasks, the kids are allowed to play games, create nuisances and annoy the caretakers in such a way that they lose their calm.

The caretakers' work is to control the cranky kids, make them study and feed them food, when they ask for it. They also have to tolerate their nuisance and can punish them for not maintaining the discipline. Rimi is elected to be the sanchalak (supervisor) of the task and asked to monitor the activity throughout.

Rimi is adamant on her stand that she won't get involved as it is a lengthy task, while Mandana tells the housemates that she doesn't have the energy to participate in the task. Rimi tries to announce the same, but the alarm for the task starts off.

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As the task begin, Rochelle, Prince, Rishabh and Kishwer start acting and speaking like kids. They try all the possible ways to irritate the caretakers. Digi and Aman try to control Prince and Rochelle who act cranky. Aman later moves on to control Kishwer, while Rimi sits in a corner and watch the fun. Aman even carries Kishwer, while Digi takes her inside the house to change the diaper.

Prince requests Rimi to participate, as without the sanchalak the task would be incomplete. Rochelle opines that Rimi is not participating since this task has direct effect on the nominations. Finally, after housemates' requests, Rimi starts playing the task and takes Rishabh and Prince as they say the caretakers are not providing juice and food.

Digi is upset that the kids got physical and pushed her to the pool.

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Suyyash and Kishwer are called to the room and Bigg Boss asks them about the task. Suyyash complaints Bigg Boss that sanchalak is not participating and Mandana has given up. Bigg Boss asks to him to convince Rimi and Mandana, if they don't participate, the house will be affected.


During the task, Mandana plays the caretaker to Rishabh, who acts cranky and refuses to have food. Rishabh asks Mandana to kiss him as his mother does the same before feeding him food. Though Mandana gets irritated, she plays the task for the housemates. Also Aman and Suyyash comes to her rescue as they will feed him by kissing him.


Mandana tries to play for some time, but later she gives up saying that she doesn't have energy to play as the housemates (kids) got physical. Rochelle tries to convince Mandana saying that housemates think she is giving excuses during every task. Seeing this, Rimi also gives up.


In the evening, Bigg Boss announces end of the tasks where the housemates are happy to get back to normal. Being the captain, Suyyash tries to convince Rimi, but in vain. He tells Rimi that she did a mistake by not participating as everyone has to pay for her mistake. He further decides to punish Rimi.


The task will end tomorrow and the best performer will become the new captain and the weakest performer in the task will be nominated. In the upcoming episode, Mandana will be seen participating. Will Rimi participate in the task? Or will Rimi's non-involvement cost the housemates?

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