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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Avdesh To Disturb Gayatri's Peace

Written by: Ipsita
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Zee TV's popular show, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, looks promising with its current plot and upcoming twists. Ranaji was upset with Gayatri because he felt that she did not trust him. Gayatri consoles him, saying that he did not understand a wife's heart. Ranaji explains that she would have waited for him to win and not simply interfered, and therefore, he believes she didn't trust him completely.

Meanwhile, Avdesh is getting treated for the bruise on his back. He pours champagne over it. The old man says it is not advisable to bear pain and questions why he lost today's game. Avdesh ponders about Gayatri, and comments that one always chooses gold as the first priority over silver.

Ranaji arrives and Avdesh welcomes him. Avdesh asks Ranaji to have a drink and quotes the old man that the man who can't control his drink, can't also control his wife.

Gayatri grumbles before Raaj Mata that it wasn't mistrust but only anxiety. Raaj Mata enquires about the whereabouts of Ranaji to which Gayatri says he must be sitting in some corner with his best friend. Raaj Mata asks who his best friendis. Gayatri replies it's his anger. Raaj Mata smirks and says not only is Gayatri intelligent but also very witty and intellectual.

Avdesh shares his stories with Ranaji. He tells that he was a stepson and how he was always belittled by his stepbrothers and how he killed all of them. Ranaji puts forward a hand of friendship to Avdesh, and tells him that he can welcome him to his family.

As Gayatri gets ready to welcome Ranaji, Kokila and Kunwarji watch her and say that if the couple get so near to each other, they will soon be blessed with an heir. Kunwarji says they will get rid of Ranaji with the help of Avdesh. Cheetah comes to Swarna's room. He says that she has high fever. He sits beside her.

Ranaji returns with Avdesh. Raaj Mata asks who the illiterate is. Ranaji introduces Avdesh as his friend. Ranaji enquires about Gayatri. Kokila says she had seen her in the backyard of the palace. Raaj Mata wanted to talk to Ranaji and so they leave.

Meanwhile, Avdesh walks towards the backyard. Gayatri mistook the footsteps of Avdesh to be Ranaji's. Gayatri hugs him from behind and expresses her love to him. She says he shouldn't be angry with her because she can't live without him.

Avdesh holds her hand and she felt something was uncanny and she is shocked to see Avdesh. Avdesh tells her that he was unaware of the fact that the Rani of Ameerkot welcomes a guest like this. Gayatri's dress was entangled in Avdesh's bracelet. She tries to free herself but Ranaji arrives there.

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