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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Is Saved From A Fatal Poison!

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Jodha Akbar April 15th episode: Khwaja Moin receives the news that Akbar is busy in accumulating forces and building up new connections to fight against Iran; he opines that the Emperor cannot put his kingdom in trouble only for a Queen. He appoints a lady to carry a tray of a poisoned shawl to Jodha. He alarms the lady that she can lose her life if she touches the shawl by mistake.

The officers of Iran get the news that a number of Kings have joined Akbar to declare war against Iran. They think that they must teach Akbar a lesson!

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Is Saved From A Fatal Poison!

Salim sends a gift to Anarkali; she refuses the gift and sends a letter to him. She writes that they should stop all communications to avoid further problems. Salim says that it is not easy for him to forget her.

The woman appointed by Khwaja Moin enters the palace in the guise of a maidservant. She tells everyone that she is carrying a gift from Hamida Begum to Jodha Begum. Moti stops her at the gate of Jodha’s room. She uncovers the tray and sees the beautiful shawl; she takes the woman inside.

Rukaiya praises the embroidery of the shawl and says it is unique. Jodha does not touch it; she gifts it to Rukaiya. The shawl is kept in Rukaiya’s room. The woman thinks she must inform Khwaja Moin that the shawl is not touched by Jodha. But she is called by the kitchen manager who gives her a tray of food to be taken to Murad’s room.

Salima comes to Hamida Begum and says that Jodha has given the shawl to Rukaiya Begum. Hamida is surprised; she says that she has not sent any shawl! Salima is shocked. She thinks there must be some conspiracy. She rushes to Rukaiya’s room when Ruakiya is about to wrap the shawl around her neck.

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