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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Fails To Reconcile Jodha And Hamida

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Jodha Akbar's April 23rd episode: Anarkali comes to meet Salim before he is to leave for the war. He tells her to say at least once that she loves him as he is ready to sacrifice everything else for her! Anarkali replies that she never wants him to do so. Salim tells him to leave quickly so that no one can see her!

Akbar leaves the palace with his sons, officers and soldiers to go to the war against the King of Iran. Hamida tells him that he should remember what Shah-E-Iran did for his father. After Akbar leaves, Hamida blames Jodha for the war.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Fails To Reconcile Jodha And Hamida

Things turn even bitter between Jodha and Hamida. Despite Jodha’s several attempts for reconciliation, Hamida sticks to her point that she will never pardon Jodha. Rukaiya feels amused seeing Jodha’s repeated insult.

Akbar tells his soldiers that they should not kill anyone unnecessarily; they should only take lives for defence. After the Emperor leaves, Murad questions why they should do so when the enemy will leave no scope of hitting them. Salim explains that this war is being fought for principles and ideals, so there must be some principles in the war strategy. Man Singh supports Salim.

Jodha sends a letter to Akbar. Man Singh gives it in Salim’s hand. When Salim carries it to Akbar, the Emperor requests him to read it out as he cannot read. Jodha says in the letter that Akbar should give most of his attention to Salim, as Salim has been deprived of his company for quite a long time. She wishes that a better relationship would grow up between Salim and Akbar.

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